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Print, TV, Radio, Digital, & Social Media

The best way to reinforce your company’s value, increase up-sell opportunities, and keep your callers in touch and informed while on hold.

Every year businesses spend millions of dollars on the way they look but neglect the way they sound.


First impressions are made when the phone is answered and the caller is placed on hold.


A customized message on hold is a fast, cost-effective and highly targeted marketing tool that informs your callers about your products, services, promotions, special offers and seasonal items while creating a more professional image and generating new and repeat business!

On Hold Media Services is a full-service advertising and media company. 


Everyday we provide our clients with graphic design services and placement in print, digital, and social media.

Our public relations company, Contacts Media, places clients on local, regional and national TV and radio news programs.




Established in 1991, On Hold Media Services has been providing top quality customized on hold messaging around the country.

Over 30 years of experience in advertising, marketing, graphic design, and public relations including covering news and events in broadcast television, cable, internet, and on radio, make On Hold Media Services is uniquely qualified to deliver the best product available at the most competitive prices. 

Our diversification and multi-media expertise, combined with our long-standing client knowledge-base, gives you the ability to optimize and maximize your exposure beyond on hold messaging with advertising, marketing and public relations.

On Hold Media Services produces customized on hold messages which includes scriptwriting, voice talent, pre-licensed music beds and on hold state-of the-art equipment and VOIP digital formats.

We produce voice talent for commercials on Broadcast and Cable TV, Radio and internet. 




On Hold Messaging

  • Customized script writing for your business

  • Professional voice talent 

  • Pre-licensed music

  • State-of-art production and equipment

  • VOIP digital formats for all file extensions

  • Auto Attendant needs/After hours & away messaging

  • Convenient messaging plans based on your needs


Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations

We provide our clients with graphic design services and placement in print, digital, and social media to achieve your advertising and marketing goals including:



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MESSAGE PLANS – Keep Your Message Current – An Easy, Cost-Effective Way To Update!

Your on hold message is your businesses “commercial”. What would happen if you saw the same TV commercial or heard the same radio spot day in and day out for a year?


It wouldn’t compel you to buy the product and you would just tune out. That’s what your callers will do if you don’t change your on hold message on a regular basis.


At On Hold Media Services we know there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” message plan.


That’s why we have developed message plans customized to suit your business.


Our message plans give you the option and flexibility of keeping costs down and at the same time keeping your message current.


At On Hold Media Services our mission is customer service and satisfaction.


We are here to answer any questions or address any concerns during our business hours.


Our staff of professionals stand ready to serve you with on hold messaging, advertising, public relations or media inquiries.


Please feel free to contact us by email at lauren@onholdservices.com, or call at 732-309-8400 or 732-583-4118.

Hours of Operation: Monday Through Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. EST.